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CD reviews continued

'These performances by the eponymous Brandenburg Ensemble enjoy a warm, intimate sonic patina that often reminds one of their antique antecedents.'
Gary Lemco,

'What started as a very special birthday present is now a beautifully wrapped musical package for all of us to enjoy.' Julie Amacher, Minnesota Public Radio

'The playing is wonderfully skilful and represents a point where 'authentic' performance has evolved from being a matter of earnest problem-solving into a panorama of musical opportunity.' Robert Beale, Manchester Evening News

‘There is disarming freshness, even in the over-familiar No 3 where the third movement is breathlessly played, but it doesn’t sound frenetic. With Pinnock’s trademark, beautifully sprung rhythms, exuberance is paramount and there is not a trace of centuries-old dust.
It’s probably a sweeping statement but these Brandenburgs are going to become yardstick performances.’ Bernard Lee, Sheffield Telegraph


  Bach Six Concertos


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